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A Cinematic Voyage
About CIT
A prominent institution ranking amongst the top colleges in Tamil Nadu, was established with an initiative to provide pragmatic learning. The institution has also partnered with a number of companies to set a worldwide standard by offering students a diverse range of possibilities that combine education and recreation.

The students' appetite for knowledge makes them thrive to prepare for the ready-to-serve industrial requirements. This is delivered by CIT through professional ethics which is sated by frequent guest lectures by professionals from various industries and academic backgrounds. Chennai Institute of Technology has been awarded the National Award of Excellence for Best Placements & has been ranked Second in Tamil Nadu. Our college has made dreams of thousands of students come true

"Our objective for establishing CIT is to transfer our knowledge to you, so that you can tranform into a proper engineer"
~Shri Sriram Parthasarathy

About Takshashila
The Grand Annual Cultural Fiesta of Chennai Institute Of Technology is an eminent spectacle that gives the student community a platform to showcase their talents and sculpt their skills. This memorable occasion is a perfect fusion of entertainment and knowledge-filled atmosphere with a potpourri of genres that escalate the vibrance of celebration. The event inculcates a blend of virtues among the students which makes them shine out of the crowd. This time, Takshashila's voyage will be an exhilarating one, full of adventures that are fished straight out of the ocean.

The Great Indian cinema is a fascinating theme that sheds light on Indian culture and society. It has been a beacon of hope for over 100 years, providing an escape from reality for us. This year, Takshashila celebrates Indian cinema and pays tribute to the art of storytelling through movies. The logo explores the beauty of iconic Indian films, delving into the minds of the artists who created them. From a distant point, a movie might not seem of any particular interest, but for us, it represents year-long dedication and hard work to produce a 2-hour-long masterpiece projected on a screen, a testament to the unfathomable wonders of the creative mind.
Pro Event | Day 1
30 FMarch 2023
Pitch your pace as you walk with pride and prowess. Can your charm convoke the critics and collect the cheers? Powerful, pleasant and picturesque, is how it must be. Flaunt your fashion in this fest of elegance and ecstasy!
Pro Event | Day 1
30 March 2023
The stage's heating up, so get your spirits ignited, as it's time for you to put on a costume of confidence and swagger your moves with your crew. Prepare to leave a mark on the dance floor.

Pro Show | Day 2
31 March 2023
Thaikkudam Bridge is coming to town and they are ready to get you grooving to their beats. Hold on tight as this is not just any average concert. This is a high-octane, ear-splitting, heart-pumping extravaganza that leaves you wanting for more. Get ready to rock it out like never before, because this is going to be one unforgettable night of pure musical adrenaline!
Pro Show | Day 3
1 April 2023
Rip-roaring, crowd vibing, beams flashing and beats burning. Join the groovy DJ as he plunges you into a night of eternal bliss! The most awaited night where lights go low and spirits get high! Let the ground rumble with sounds that soar to the stars!!
Pro Show | Day 3
1 April 2023
Crazy nights make the best memories. Is there anything better than singing along to your favorite song in a crowd with thousands of strangers? Come celebrate with us as we groove to the sounds of Indian Cinema.
Technical Events
Our college hosts various competitions for students to showcase technical skills. Competitions such as Technical quiz, drone racing, water rocketry etc., cater to different interests and skill levels, offering a chance to network and gain experience for future careers. Competitions award prizes and offer a fun, supportive environment for students from different academic backgrounds.
Non-Technical Events
Get ready for a fun-filled day with our non-technical events. Whether it is a thrilling treasure hunt, rap battle, quiz, dance, talent show, costume contest, cooking competition, or outdoor sports, you name it, we've got it. So gather your friends, show off your skills, and compete for prizes and bragging rights as the best team on campus !
Join us in this interactive workshop and explore the blend of technical and cinematic experiences in one place. From software development to vehicle building. Experience a cinematic safari with a Potpourri of workshops from screenplay to script writing. Get full hands on experience from experts and get insight on the most acclaimed, revered topics ever to exist.

16 Days..
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